MoneyWell Budgeting

Before you can start filling your buckets, you need to tell MoneyWell how much money you have to spend today. You do that by Setting Your Starting Bucket Balances.

After you set your starting bucket balances, you can create events to Set Up Your Budget.

Once your buckets have starting balances and you have planned amounts for your buckets, you can Use Fill Buckets and starting spending money.

You can tell MoneyWell to prioritize which buckets and events get filled first by Reordering Your Events.

MoneyWell allows you to set different recurrence rules for each event. That way you can simply set your gas tank to be filled every two weeks, or your paycheck to occur the first and fifteenth of each month. Read more details in Setting Recurrence Rules.

Some of your accounts may not need to be in your budget. Loans for example aren't typically in your list of budget accounts. You can control this by following the instructions in Budget Accounts.

To adjust your settings on your budget, use the help article Spending Plan Options.

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