Using MoneyWell for Mac

If you need help learning the basics and how to get started with MoneyWell, look at our Getting Started help.

Creating a new document is quick and easy. Add accounts and import or enter your first transactions with the New Document help.

MoneyWell gives you great banking tools and a uniquely powerful envelope budgeting system. Learn more about it in Understand MoneyWell.

Most apps ask you for a single amount for each category, but most of us don't know that off the top of our heads. MoneyWell gives you the ability to simply add events that describe individual costs like how often you dine out, when you fill your gas tank, how much you pay for car repairs and how often, and so on. As you tell MoneyWell more about what you spend and when, it builds a budget for you. This also makes it easy to revise and tune your budget. Read more about events in Event-Based Budgeting.

Budgeting with credit cards can be tricky, but MoneyWell makes it easier. Read Using Credit Cards for more details.

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