MoneyWell Banking

The best way to make sure you have all your transactions recorded correctly in MoneyWell is by reconciling your accounts each month. You can learn how using Reconciling Accounts.

Many financial institutions in the U.S. offer a service called Direct Connect banking. This allows you to download transactions with a single click. Read details in Direct Connect Banking.

If you bank doesn't support direct connect banking, they still might allow you to download transactions to OFX/QFX, QIF, or delimited file formats that can be imported into MoneyWell. You can learn in Importing Transactions.

When you import transactions into MoneyWell, they may not be in the same order as your bank register. Read the steps in Reordering Transactions to learn how to move transactions in your MoneyWell activity list.

MoneyWell offers reports that you can customize. Learn how to create and view them in Viewing Reports.

MoneyWell knows how to share well with others. You can export transactions or reports by using the instructions in Exporting Transactions.

If you want to create a smaller document to speed up syncing and other operations, you can do this with the help in Removing Account History.

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