Tips and Tricks

If you're a MoneyWell 1.7.3 (or earlier) customer new to MoneyWell 2, read Transitioning from MoneyWell 1.x to 2.x.

Favorites are a great way to automatically assign buckets to imported transactions and update other values like setting a nice looking payee. Favorites also allow you quickly enter transactions by just typing a few characters of the payee name. Read more about this in Using Favorites.

Tags allow you to group your transactions on reports in more detail than just your buckets. Your list of buckets should be as short as possible to make budgeting easier. Each transaction can have more than one tag, which allows you to organize by person or special events. Learn to use them in Using Tags.

If your a fan of using the keyboard, MoneyWell gives you keyboard shortcuts to speed up operations. Check out the list of Keyboard Shortcuts and Navigation.

Learn how to use the various parts of the MoneyWell document window in Window Tricks.

Did you know that you can enter a calculation instead of an amount in MoneyWell? Learn how to do it in Amount Calculator Formulas.

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